About Us

The Purpose
“Vaccines are safe and effective”, “Vaccines cause Autism”, “Fluoride in the water is bad”, “Fluoride in the water is good” … In this day and age, you can’t believe what you are told. You can’t believe the things you hear.  The only thing to do, is your own research.  Yes it’s a lot harder and requires we turn our brains back on and do some critical thinking for ourselves.  But we have no choice as we have practically become a people of sheep who believe whatever we are told. “A Nation of Sheep will have a Government of Wolves”. Thomas Jefferson. It is necessary yet difficult as for every individual to do their own research all by themselves is kind of like if everyone researched, designed and built their own cars.  If one person has already done it and shares what they have and have learned, it becomes a collaborative effort and everyone can get a car a lot faster than if we all did everything by ourselves. So here at Claim Confirmer, we want to be the tool to make everyone’s research on claims a transparent collaborative effort so that the people can see the unbiased viewpoints of both sides and make their own decisions all in a timely manner.


How to Use

  1. Browse Claims – Take a look at all the Claims posted by other users from the Claim Viewer.  Claims will have links to things like videos, documents, articles that seem to support that the claim is true.  So you can review them and decide for yourself if you think its true or not.
  2. Search – Have you heard about something controversial and want to see evidence and arguments being used to support it? Use the top right search bar to see if anyone has posted about it. If your search gave no results, then be sure to come back and post your research when you eventually find the info. Other people are probably looking too.
  3. Register and Contribute – Register, and contribute, and then share your research so all can benefit from it.


How to Contribute

  1. Post Claims – You want to examine a claim that you have heard.  Post it, specify who made the claim and where you heard it from and give links to the source whenever possible.
  2. Add Research to Claims – Contribute the research you have done to the project.  Post every last article, video, quote you have collected to support claims you have heard so others can benefit from your research.
  3. Moderate Research – Upvote good research, downvote bad research.

Contribute – Post a Claim


Still confused about what Claim Confirmer is?  This page with some examples should help.